US Dental (Young's Dental) embarked on its passionate journey in 1987, emerging from a modest dental equipment repair center nestled in Los Angeles, CA. Guided by the visionary Mr. Young Park, the company thrived locally until the early 2000s, with a steadfast commitment to elevating service and equipment departments, ensuring unparalleled customer care and satisfaction.

The pivotal moment arrived with the entry of the current president, Richard Park, who catalyzed the company's evolution into the realm of digital dentistry. Recognizing a divergence in the market's trajectory, the leaders observed rampant overcharging and inadequate support from various distributors. This realization fueled a transformative shift in US Dental's ethos, centering on three pillars: "Support," "Affordability," and "Education."

Today, US Dental stands as a preeminent dental distributor, offering comprehensive solutions for in-office fabrications utilizing CAD/CAM, 2D/3D imaging, 3D printing, and intraoral scanning. Our pride lies in unparalleled multi-level training, extensive support, and a diverse array of Continuing Education (CE) programs. In collaboration with WADE (World Academy of Dental Education), Young's Dental has trained over 20,000 dental professionals since 2009.

Grounded in our unwavering philosophy, all equipment customers receive a perpetual commitment to unlimited lifetime complimentary training, support, and education. US Dental continues to redefine industry standards, ensuring a legacy of excellence in dental innovation and customer empowerment.

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